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Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance
In recent years, more and more people have chosen to use interior decorative panels to decorate walls during indoor decoration. They have characteristics such as environmental protection, waterproofing, fire prevention, and mold resistance, but still cannot avoid cleaning and maintenance. So how should we do cleaning and maintenance?

1. Leakage prevention work: Although indoor decorative panels are moisture-proof, waterproof, and scrub resistant, long-term and large leakage can still have an impact on the integrated wall. Therefore, when encountering heating or other leakage areas, they must be wiped clean in a timely manner and cannot be directly exposed to sunlight or baked in an electric furnace to avoid cracking of the panels.

2. Timely remove stains: Use a cloth dipped in warm water or a small amount of laundry detergent to wipe the oil stains, or use neutral soapy water with a little detergent to scrub. Severe stains can be gently wiped with sandpaper or steel wool. Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax before drugs, beverages, or pigments penetrate the wooden surface.

3. Regular dust removal: Generally, walls should be cleaned of dust once a month, and interior decorative panels can be dusted off with a duster every other year. Remember not to use sharp tools to prevent scratching the panels.

4. Anti exposure: Indoor decorative panels should avoid prolonged direct sunlight to avoid excessive exposure, otherwise it may affect the service life of indoor decorative panels, leading to premature aging, discoloration, and fading of the product.

5. Stay away from open flames: Indoor decorative panels reach B1 level, which can effectively prevent fire and flame retardancy. However, in daily use, it is recommended to stay away from open flames to effectively avoid wall discoloration and greatly extend service life.

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