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Sheet metal knowledge
Sheet metal knowledge
Pine carbonization
When touching with your hands, you can more intuitively feel the unevenness of the surface, the irregular texture passing through your fingertips, as if you can still feel the temperature of the lingering fire. This comes from the powerful power of nature, which integrates modern design and highlights the simplicity and solemnity of the overall space. Returning to simplicity and purity, combined with other furniture, can also enhance the overall style of the space.
Large serrated pattern
This regular pattern is not naturally possessed by wood, but rather through special techniques,After carefully treating the surface of the wood veneer, it has a 100% textured serrated pattern on the surface.When touched by hand, it feels like it resonates with natural logs.This type of decorative panel has a good scattering effect when light shines on the surface due to the sawtooth effect on the surface.It can highlight the natural and original sense of the board in both visual and tactile aspects.
Oak carbonization
Imitating the real oak carbonization effect, the surface is uneven and the effect is realistic and three-dimensional.
Pyroclastic rock
The realistic three-dimensional effect impacts the visual experience, with a sense of historical depth emanating from visible areas and fingertips. The irregular natural texture of the concave and convex surfaces, like rocks exposed on the ground, has been melted by the hot magma and accumulated for a long time. Being in it, one can better experience the mystery and unpredictability of nature.

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