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YAKCO  Materials (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, covering an area of 50 acres and having a modern standard factory building of over 30000 square meters. For over a decade, we have been deeply researching the construction characteristics of home and commercial spaces, and are committed to the research and production of high-end decorative panels.

In order to align with the design quality of international top brands and create its own exclusive advantage in the production cycle, the company added a fully automatic (paintless board surface treatment) short cycle fast press with a value of about 15 million yuan in 2018, which is deep pressing and multi width, to align the surface treatment process of the product with international top brands.

YAKCO decorative panel KT20634 SS04
The whole big stone looks like a mountain.
The texture of the stone is clearly visible.
Whether it is a gray stone pattern or a brown stone pattern.
Those are all masterpieces from nature.
Graft these masterpieces from nature onto the texture well.

For the application of spatial design, whether it is furniture or walls,

there is a special high-end texture.

The three-dimensional sense, visible to the naked eye, is so realistic.
Touching with your hands is as authentic as feeling the texture of a big tree.
From the main road to science, return to simplicity and simplicity.
The carbonized three-dimensional realism displays a sense of historical depth in the product,Matches all colors and materials of furniture.
The sea embracing all rivers is a great wisdom in life.
YAKCO decorative panel KT21158 SS04

Clean and clear, is the most direct interpretation of white in treating architecture. This simple and pure color, combined with delicate texture, can better highlight the use of dynamic colors in space. The white color of one wall is pure and natural, paired with bright or understated colors,giving ordinary spaces a new vitality and adding a wonderful touch to the design.

The natural color scheme of logs is a beloved choice of Chinese people from ancient times to the present. Eye focus is derived from natural wood tones, and fingertip capture is 
Light colors greatly soften the coldness and alienation brought by dim spaces, and bright colors are refreshing. The tree color scheme that conforms to the original ecology

YAKCO exhibition hall
As the first Yake brand exclusive store in Changshu, Yake will bring the entire wooden veneer decoration to your side. The whole house is decorated with wood veneer, which can solve the functional problems of the space, Make people feel truly comfortable in the space; Secondly, to address aesthetic issues at the artistic level, Let the visual experience be truly enjoyable. As the first Yake brand exclusive store in Changshu, Yake will bring the entire wooden veneer decoration to your side. Office buildings, high-end hotels, villas, exhibition centers, etc, Whether it's home decor or work attire, Yake's new solid wood wall panels can be perfectly presented.

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